Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bad post

Life is like Facebook. Make a account, log in, log out.

Bad post

Life is like Facebook. Make a account, log in, log out.

Monday, February 15, 2010

February 15

I survived Facebook on February 14. The Special Day for Someone Someone. Special-special someone.

I have unfriended one of the two fun-friends I met at the cafe. One was common friends with a boy who force-added me as a friend. This boy is a problem, an unhappy memory, a bruise revisited everytime I see his profile.

I could make things simpler and just drop this boy from my friends' list rather than all others who are connected.

But let's keep it crisp, and do I owe the internets an explanation?

I am watching another re-run of Friends. Brings back the old laughter.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day Post - Flowers are just dead plants

Remember the fun-people I spent some cafe-time with? Two have added me on Facebook as a friend.

Today's Facebook will be a sea of desires projected as realities. Teddy bears, marzipan hearts, vacation in Paris, diamonds. It will stretch as far as peers can believe. And there is one sad boy who will give more because he knows the report card is public- a status update, pictures, comments, Wall, and now even "like"? Sadder still because even after this gift in loud-crinkling shiny blue, he likes another. But her Facebook status still says: Committed.

"Flowers are just dead plants," is my status now. Droll, i-am-happy-alone. Yet happy and happening. The Ease of It All!

Friday, February 12, 2010

someday, Facebook may go too

How things change. Our faces, plump and oval, the scattered hair- they will be gone some day. And before that, they will squeeze, crease, slow.

And someday, Facebook may go too. Tell me a brand, a product that has endured for 200 years. And someday, when you are perhaps 63, watering a tulsi plant with the broken tin can, watching pearls of silver water drip from the nozzle, you will remember- yes, there was Facebook once. Where we all played, boasted, became different people. Happier, hipper and happening. The Youth of It All!

The Updated Life

Do I or do I not post a status message about my Aamir Khan sighting. Maybe it was Aamir's ghost.

Thing is, I've already updated my Facebook status just yesterday [a thought rather than an action, covering up so well for the Dullness of It All. And words that suggest- happy and happening. Status: "can feel the moment slipping away".]

I avoid posting status updates more than once in 4 days. Because then it's a tweet really, and does not belong to Facebook. It's almost a spam. Besides, frankly, it's less pressure, summing up the Goodness of It All in a few words for all to know forever.


A new profile picture

Today I met a group of fun-people. You know, the kinds who always seem to be either going places, or seem to have just arrived from fancy European ski holidays.

So today was the day to change my Facebook picture again. If they had to know me, today evening was most likely. Followed by tomorrow.

And so my Facebook had to be clean, mean and... or atleast passable.

So my new Facebook profile picture is a chalet, snow, two white friends. Actually, they weren't friends, just interested-in-Indian people who I had started talking with on the train to Murren. It is a good picture, I look happy and comfortable. A stable girl in a stable life.

And now back to the tea, the smoke curling like the lost spirit of a dancing girl.